Barry, Olivia and Christine,


Thank you for agreeing revise our PhD curriculum. I strongly believe that now is the time to make changes in our curriculum that address important changes that have happened in the School of AIS. I would like to see A set of 6-8 courses that are intended to be taught on a alternating-year basis. 3-hour courses; though some 1 1/2 hour courses might work. 3 distinct focuses: "pure IS," AIS and financial/capital markets that combine the subsets of the 6-8 courses into a coherent major. Courses with a broad appeal that would attract students from other departments, within the DESB and across campus A large part of the courses that focus on the literature within a "discipline" (defined somewhat broadly), so that students become literate with regard to the issues and current state of thought in that discipline Tightening the program requirements (e.g, preproposal, comprehensive exam) to increase the rigor of the program. I don't have a specific time table. But, I would like to have something approved by the faculty so that it can be in place by the end of this academic year. You have my strongest support for this project. Any help I or the office staff can provide is available.