1) we can't afford to offer more than 4 PhD seminars per year, exclusive of Acctg. 7000.

2) we need to find and/or develop better methods courses, and we should consider developing and offering a within-DESB econometrics sequence, utilizing Mike Lemmon and Neil B.

 3) we should consider requiring two summer papers instead of one. The first of these might involve replicating a published paper. In addition, we might have a requirement that at least one summer paper be presented at a workshop.

4) we should consider requiring students to prepare one or more mini-dissertation proposals, perhaps as part of their classwork, and/or in Acctg. 7000.

5) we should consider stricter restrictions on PhD student teaching assignments.

6) our PhD program culture seems to be deficient re a strong work ethic.

7) we should consider developing more rigorous guidelines for dissertation quality.

8) we should consider requiring a dissertation pre-proposal in addition to the formal proposal.

9) some faculty and PhD students feel that our program currently lacks rigor.

10) in the past our applicant pool has been poor, although it was pretty good last year. Everyone is encouraged to cultivate prospective PhD students that they identify from their Masters or Undergraduate classes.

11) the view was expressed that our current procedure for developing "comprehensive" exams is not sufficiently comprehensive, and/or is too highly tailored to each particular student's interests.

12) we should try to talk Jack into being less conservative about commiting to fund applicants at the admissions point; that is, to be willing to offer funding to a few more students than we can afford based on the high likelihood of substantially less than a 100% acceptance rate.